Simple GPS tracking App

We’re building an all-in-one concept for an internet and security solution for yachts.

We’ve sorted out the internet and security solution, but we would like to add GPS locating and tracking to the mix, using the GPS data from the Pepwave MAX or InControl 2.
We are looking for a simple GPS app that does nothing more than show the current location of the yacht, and maybe the movement of the last 12/24 hours.
The ability to use geo-fencing would be a great addition.

The goal of the app is to enable the owner to check on the location of his yacht at all times.
The app has to be insanely simple, so that everyone can use it, no matter how digital illiterate you are.
It also has to work on Android and iOS.

Does anyone have experience with this setup?
Has anyone maybe done this before?

All tips and tricks are appreciated.

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Hi Joey. Wondering if you have tried If these “boats” have AIS (and I expect they do), it’s a simple matter to track any vessel. If they don’t, AIS is a relatively inexpensive addition. I use the iOS app and their web site – have not tried Android.

In brief, one can use the site pretty much free. Additional costs arise when one wants to track via satellite-based location – e.g., when out of range of shore stations. One also gets free usage if one has a receiver that feeds into their network.

This likely does not meet your very reasonable criteria of “_all-in-one.” However, it is easy, inexpensive, does not require fiddling, and "just works. Just a thought …

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Hey Rick,

Thanks for your thoughts!

I am aware of the site and the app.
One of the big downsides is that this app is not free (€ 4,99).
Besides that, the app is very detailed (which is good, but not for these end-users).

The ideal app would be something with 3 options and nothing more:

  • Locating the vessel
  • Look at the movement of the last 12/24 hours
  • Set a geo-fence

We were thinking to make the app talk with the InControl 2 API.
The biggest challenge will probably be finding an GPS app that’s not a complete maze for someone that has almost none to no experience at all with these technologies.
We have to assume our customers are all ‘digital idiots’, so the app has to be fit for idiots. :smiley:

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OK, I got it. Roger on the “digital idiots.” :grinning:


Joey we should talk. Am in the middle of building almost exactly that now for one of the Mongol Rally cars. PM me you’re contact details and lets see what we can make happen.

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Hi guys, we are also looking for an app that will use the MAX GPS data. Have you succeeded? Our use is for boats as well, general tracking, nothing fancy.

Hello @ericsusa,
The Peplink InControl app (currently for Apple’s IOS only) has some very simply builtin GPS tracking, you can open up a MAX device and see where the device is located.

Will that get you started?
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Hey everyone! I’m getting familiar with the GPS services to implement them in our new app. I read in that article that the so-called A-GPS drains less battery charge, but is rather pricy to install. Is that right? Price (unless it’s too high) doesn’t concern me, though battery charge does. What would be the average price difference (in percentage) between using stock GPS and A-GPS? Is there any significant difference in charge cinsumption?

Well as always it depends. Assisted GPS uses other location markers (visible WIFI SSIDSs, blue tooth beacons etc) to help with positioning. It can be more expensive because you need to buy into a service that knows where these things are so you can infer your own position. The only way it would save battery is if the device used wifi and bluetooth all the time and you stopped using GPS which seems unlikely in practise.

Peplink don’t offer A-GPS yet - at least I’m not aware of it being available.

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