InControl Mobile App for iOS Now Available!

We are proud to announce the launch of our InControl Mobile App for iOS! Anywhere you go, you can now check the health of your entire network on your mobile device.

  • Your Network, InControl: Check the connection status of any device, the clients they are connected to, and all activity affecting the group.

  • Monitor Multiple Organizations: Easily switch between your different organizations.

  • Customizable Push Notifications: Receive push notifications for important network events. Fine tune your notifications by group and network event type.

  • Convenient Access to Favorites: Save your most commonly accessed groups across all organizations on the favorite screen.

The InControl Mobile App is now available on the Apple App Store. Click this link to get your copy!


Great addition to the many already available Peplink services.

Do you guys have any idea on when the Android version will become available?
I can imagine quite alot of people will be using this application.


Nice! +1 for Android Version please for us non fruit lovers :wink:


Excellent! Looks great so far. One request: please build-in support for password managers.

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+1 for Android. Thanks!


Nice app. Suggestion: add Touch ID.

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Great stuff, when will it be available for private instances of incontrol?

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+1 for android and private incontrol support.


On IC2 App Mobile, how can I see the real time bandwidth, as in IC2 ?


Please tell us when the Android version will be available.

2017 Cellphone Market share:
IOS: 12.9%
Android: 86.2%



I’m sure a lot of folks will like this. For those of us who do not use InControl (and have no intentions of doing so), may we be assured that development of the excellent Router Utility iOS “app” will continue?

I mention this as we have not seen any updates for some time and our clients and we use it daily. We’re wondering if Peplink intends to deprecate the existing iOS app. Yes/no?

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We have no plan to deprecate the iOS Router Utility. Router Utility will keep update to support the latest iOS version.

We are working on the Android apps for InControl2. Stay tuned.


+1 for Android!

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Excellent. Thank you TK. We use and sell mostly Peplink and Ubiquity products. We think it is really important that Peplink keep up with the iOS app – without any pressure or need to use InControl.

I might mention that our users generally prefer the Ubiquity app to the one provided by Peplink, particularly when monitoring the performance of APs.

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Any update on android and private incontrol support?

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I downloaded the app but don’t understand the steps necessary to link to my inControl2 and device.

The App settings are:
Device Name (default auto Detect) do i put in something else?
Host Name (what do i put in there?)
Port (default 80)
Username Is that the username for inControl or my device admin?
Password Same question as above



Just to confirm which App you downloaded ?

InControl Mobile APP : :slight_smile:

  • Login via InControl2 account, all devices manage under InControl2 will able to be shown in the App.
  • Connection is from Mobile device (InControl Mobile APP) to Incontrol2 cloud.

**Peplink Router Utility (Support IOS and Android) **:

  • Connection from your Mobile phone (Router Utility) to the devices.
  • In-order to manage the devices, you need to have Webadmin access for the devices.
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Why is there no Android? We are considering switching all our sites to Peplink but I was disappointed to see there was no mobile app which is kind of a deal breaker. Kind of surprising as not many IT guys I know that use iOS.

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The Android version is still in development and will be forthcoming. Thanks