InControl Mobile App for iOS Now Available!


Hi Team,
Is there any plan in place for the InControl Mobile App to support privately hosted instances of IC2?

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The last version I tried via Apple Testflight (v1.1) did have this option, however it didn’t work for me, I suspect that it is because my instance of incontrol itself needs updating.

As 2.4.2 has just come out am scheduling that in and will retest.

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Hi Peplink Team
InControl Mobile App, i request status PepVPN/SpeedFusion and information Peers.

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I am going to +1 for an Android app for InControl. I have grown to love the app on the iOS but, now I have the new Sonim XP8 on the FirstNet Band 14 service. Unfortunately, that means it runs Android and not iOS. So please please come out with an Android version ASAP!


Hi, this was posted back in October 2017, which is about 10 months ago. Any update?


Any updates on the Android app?


Any updates on the Android version?


Any updates on the Android version?