Simple Bonding on Balance 30 Pro

Hello all; I am a new peplink user, I am using a Balance 30 Pro with one Ethernet WAN connection and cellular connection; I would like to know how to join these two connections (Bandwidth Bonding) to increase my bandwidth and speed?
It’s simple office use without a VPN
Thank you

Hi @morisnyobe welcome to the forum. Balance 30 Pro only supports bandwidth bonding with a license add-on:

Multiple WAN interfaces can only be bonded over PepVPN/SpeedFusion tunnel, so you would have to have a second tunnel end point. For example FusionHub or another router. When creating a tunnel profile just set your WAN connections to priority 1. All interfaces set to priority 1 in PepVPN/SpeedFusion profile will be bonded over the tunnel. Also tunnel has its own maximum throughput. For Balance 30 Pro without AES-256 its 120 Mbps with it 55 Mbps.

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Hi Moris,
welcome to the forum. The Balance 30 Pro supports Bonding with the optional Speedfusion Bonding License. SKU: BPL-031-PRO-LC-SF
Speedfusion Bonding is a VPN technology where you need an endpoint to terminate your WAN uplinks and transmit the requests to the desired endpoint.
You can use speedfusioncloud, a worldwide hosted service from Peplink to aggregate the bandwidth of your WAN connections. This is a prepaid service.
Take a look here:
to see how it works.


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Hi @Rokas_Musteikis
Thank You

Thank you Theo

@morisnyobe I have one more thing to add. If you are plaining to use SpeedFusion Cloud service then you do not need bonding license. It’s only required for regular tunnels. You can register for a free trial in this link:

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Hello @Rokas_Musteikis
I am a little confused, please what is the difference between SpeedFusion, SpeedFusion Cloud and Fusion Hub?
When to use each of them? In my case, i don’t have any other remote equipment, my tunnel is established between my local Balance 30 and any equipment in the Cloud?

@morisnyobe SpeedFusion is Peplink patented technology that powers enterprise grade VPNs. SpeedFusion Cloud is our global network of SpeedFusion endpoints. It enables Peplink devices under a Care Plan/data plans to use SpeedFusion (Bandwidth Bonding, Hot Failover, WAN Smoothing, Bandwidth Overflow) without any additional hardware. FusionHub is virtual SpeedFusion appliance from Peplink. With FusionHub, you can establish SpeedFusion connections between cloud servers and physical Peplink devices. In your case I would test out SpeedFusion Cloud since you do not have any additional equipment and you can register for a free trial. By using SpeedFusion Cloud you would establish a tunnel between your Balance 30 Pro and our Cloud service which would allow you to utilise bandwidth bonding. If you have purchased warranty plan or still have valid warranty you should be able to claim 500 GB of data. More information on this can be found in this link:

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Thank you @Rokas_Musteikis , it’s understood now