Sim injector bandwidth allowance

Hi all,

One of our customers had this idea and I think this will be a great feature to have in the sim injector:
Not sure if this was already planned. But would be nice to have bandwidth allowance support for the sim injector. Possible use case: When you have 8 simcards with a 1GB data cap in the sim injector. If a simcard reaches 1GB it will switch to the next available simcard that has not used the 1GB data.

Not sure is its technically possible to implement this in the sim injector itself because its probably not aware on how much data has been used on the sims. But might be necessary when using multiple cellular routers with the sim injector.

Also it would be better if we could set a Bandwidth allowance settings for each sim and maybe a priority in which order they will be used. So the Remote sim settings would probably look like this:

And maybe the priority would be done in which order that sim slots are assigned in the Cellular settings:

Please show support if you like to get this feature implemented.

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Hello @Dylan-e,
Your request ties in nicely with our request.

You have our support for this, maybe repost this request into the other thread also.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

My suggestion for priorization of SIM Cards:
Analog to WAN interfaces we could have a picker to move the slot to a lower priority.
This would be very helpful and fits the peplink style.


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