Implementing FusionSIM Cloud with 2 HD2 IP67

Hi All,

It’s been a while.

I am currently supervising an installation of the following:

1xPepXIM (8 SIM cards installed)
2xMAX HD2 IP67
1xBalance 580

My aim is to use the Balance 580 as a centralised firewall with Speedfusion through a Static Fiber connection to a local ISP and the 2 HD2’s.

The installation is happening in Argentina, using Personal for the 4G connections. I was pretty surprised that I purchased the America/Europe/First Net HD2 and it doesn’t have Band 28…
Any thoughts on this?

Anyways, I am looking into using a Pepxim to push the SIM’s to the HD2’s, but as every SIM has only 50GB (high consumer unfortunately…), I would like to know if there is a way yet of telling the Pepwave or the PEPXIM to push another SIM card when the data is fully consumed.

I’ve read this thread, which is exactly what I am looking for: Sim injector bandwidth allowance

Seems that the webpage [] doesn’t work?

I barely see information about the simcloud, is there any thread I could read to implement it?

Thank you all,