Should I use layer 2 VPN?

I can read the online descriptions of what Layer 2 means but it puts me to sleep. I have multiple locations connected by PepVPN, now with the latest firmware. Our primary use of the VPN is VoIP and shared file servers.

  • Would enabling the Layer 2 feature help me in any way, particularly for VoIP? Would it hurt?

  • What are the steps to enable the feature?

Hi Don_Ferrario,

I would say, no. You don’t need Layer 2.
Does it hurt? A little, bit yes. You will transmit every boradcast and multicast over the tunnel.
Every DHCP Request will be sent to any device in the whole Layer2 network.

Anyway, Erik wrote a nice HowTo enable it here Outbound policies within a PepVPN or SpeedFusion tunnel

For a VoIP and files server usage, I would use a normal Layer 3 VPN.



Hi Don. I agree with @dennis.hofheinz. Not sure how large and “flat” your network would be it it were all L2, but I’d be concerned about the “overhead” stuff Dennis mentions. And, since Peplink routers handle L3 so nicely I’m not sure what would be gained.

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