SFE Connectivity options within the PDX


Hello Peplink Engineering team,
We are getting ready to show off the PDX for a broadcasting client and would like to see enhanced the interaction between additional SFE units and the PDX.

Currently when fitting and extra SFE, you need to use the WAN1 or WAN2 connections, this means that you can not use the SFE efficiently for SpeedFusion.

As the SFE has a USB connection and within the expansion bay there is a USB connection, it would be logical to pass all control plus data for each separate cellular connection back into the PDX so to have the additional WANs present within the PDX, much like when you add a cellular option module into an SDX or EPX.

Note: We have attempted connecting a USB cable to see what happened, nothing happened (that we could observe).

Can this be accomplished without too much effort?
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Hello Peplink Engineering Team,
Here is a previous feature request that ties in nicely with this

Where the ISP, in this case, is the SFE connecting into WAN of the PDX.



Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: