SFC Start Date for Licensing Countdown

Does the countdown (6 months, 1 year, etc.) begin on the date the license is issued by the reseller or on the date it’s activated by the user?

Please refer here - https://forum.peplink.com/t/care-plans-upgraded-with-speedfusion-cloud/31595. SpeedFusion Cloud is added to our Care plans (EssentialCare, PrimeCare, SmartCare and TotalCare). So, the expiry date is based on the Care plan.

My device is without a care plan. I am just purchasing the SFC license separately.

It will be counted once the license is issued.

Thanks @TK_Liew.

My current license expires in about a month, so I will wait to purchase the new one until closer to the expiry date, to maximize the duration of the new term.

One would have hoped the new license would begin on the date the previous one expires.

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Agreed! This would simplify procurement.

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