Settings transfer between MK2 & MK3


Will it be possible to transfer configuration settings from a MK2 Surf SOHO to a MK3 Surf SOHO by saving the configuration of the MK2 and having the MK3 read that file? Or are the configuration files incompatible?

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Yes. This is supported in v6.4.0 which to be available on year end.


Clarification: FW version 6.4.0 has been re-numbered to FW version 7.0

If you would like to upload a saved configuration file from a previous hardware revision Surf SOHO to the SOHO MK3 the MK3 must be running firmware version 7.0 or higher.

Thank you.


That’s fine, but v6.4/v7.0 was supposed to be released shortly after the holidays. We are now almost half way through January, and v7 is still only a RC.

Is there a date it will be released for production?


@mjburns, sorry for the delay. We fixed a number of bugs and we released RC3 now. RC3 is quite stable, I believe GA firmware should be available soon. Stay tuned!