Send SMS to service numbers without the "+" in front

Hi all,

Here in the Netherlands we have some providers who have unlimited 4g at home.
with this you will get a sim card that you are allowed to put in a router and get 100 GB a month.
If you use up 100 GB that month you will get 5 GB every day for the rest of the month.
And if you use up the 5 GB you will be able to extend it with 2 GB when you send a SMS for example to 1280.
But because you cant send a SMS to a number without a “+” in front you wont be able to send the SMS to extent those 2 GB.

So my Feature request: The ability to send a SMS to a number without the “+” in front. Preferably by API.

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Dylan van Elst

Hi Dylan,

have a look in this Forum Post.

That’s seems to fit exactly to your “problem”


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May i know the SMS number that you want to send ? SMS short code ?

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in this case its 1280

Yes that exactly the error you will get.


Engineering team is working on this. They are currently identifying the standard range for the short code. Please stay tuned . I will update again when get the latest news from Engineering team.


Thanks for the response! Keep me posted.