SD switch Manual

Hello community!
Long Time Peplink user just recently purchased the SD Switches to use in our corporate office space downstairs. I gave the switches IP addresses and it seemed to work and all was well however I want to read more about what they can do. I looked all over the support section but I cannot find manuals for the switches. Is there somewhere else I am missing to look for them?

We are preparing the manual and it should be available soon. Stay tuned.

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Please download here if this is urgent.


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Its a start but still a long way to go before this is usefull.

Are there any updates with the manual creation? I picked up some SD-Switches and they are pretty intuitive however, some I’m not 100% on a few items.

Can you elaborate more which items you are not too sure?

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Here are some topics that I would like to see covered. This should get tech staff, sys admins, and network engineers some thing to work with since the current manual is pretty sparse. The good thing is the system is fairly intuitive however getting it out of the box with no manual and spotty forum responses made for a not amazing out of the box experience.

  • Clarity on differences between management and console ports,
  • How to interpret the port icon statuses (IC2, PoE, etc…) though they are easy to understand; more from a new user-perspective
  • Connection methods which has been fairly confusing (under Configure>Network Settings>LAN)
  • Some details with the management settings

Great, I have a new one here ready to deliver to the customer tomorrow and no documentation for it. How can you release a complex product without complete documentation??

@Rexymav, do you think this helps?

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That link doesn’t work for me, what is it? Hopefully something more than the June 5th link which is pretty basic. We had a webinar on this product something like 8 months ago so hard to believe there isn’t a complete and thorough manual for it…

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+1 for a full manual

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Has there been any update on a manual for the switch? There’s still not one listed on the firmware and manual download page.

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Hello. We just received 5 of the these switches along with a bunch of other hardware. I can not seem to access any management pages. Are they not on the standard with DHCP out to the computer like the other equipment? Getting ready to try a static IP on the computer instead. I have the serial numbers in InControl2 but it can not see the switches when connected through one of our routers on a FiOS circuit. A detailed manual is sorely needed.

Well static IP didn’t work. I used for my PC with a subnet. Couldn’t find the switch on and an AngryIP scan couldn’t find anything else either. There were no quick start guides in the boxes. I have checked all five boxes. So what is the process to access the admin page so I can get this thing working?

The default IP is on the silver label, You need to use a static IP and connect to the Management port, not a LAN port.

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I was able to get the information. Did not realize that there was a label on the unit. I usually only see that on home based equipment, not on professional grade network equipment. Lesson learned.

Although, I must ask why did Peplink switch from their standard of which seems to be the case for most of the equipment we purchased? It seems to me it would be better if everything from an initial configuration standpoint was the same. Then again it would be great if the MGMT port just put out a DHCP all the time as it would make setting up the equipment a lot faster. This way no matter what settings are changed you will always connect easily to this device. You could even make it be a default webpage that opens to the login portal. Similar to your competitor that automatically opens to http://cp/