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First for give me if I’ve started and new discussion. Search but could not find what I was looking for.

I bought the MAX-TST-MINI-LTE-F-T-PRM with the assumption that I could run my Home (RV full time) network solely off the cellular connection, but so far I can only seem to get 69ping 0.43mbps download and 0.50mbps upload. Did I buy the wrong one? or did I miss a configuration option. I’m a retired Network guy (3yrs now) with no cellular network experience. Oh I’ve been using a netgear nighthawk for a while, but it over heats to easy on hot days.

One Wireless world Org using T-Mobile fast.t-mobile.com bands are auto w/full bars, tried 71 solo Plan does de-prioritizing after the 50gbs if congested. Using the default antennas shipped with the device. nothing in between.

who is your provider? what plan? what is your signal? what bands? have you tried to force other bands? are you on a plan that gives you top priority for data or is it prioritized? does the plan do de-prioritizing? what antenna are you using? do you know where the cell tower is? is there something in the way between the antenna and cell tower?

its possible the cell tower radios or overloaded or the cell tower back haul is maxed

Edited the above to answer your questions. Second my T-Mobile cell phone hotspot is really fast different chip. Pepwave Max Transit Mini has a data only chip.

can you see what band your cell phone is connecting to? same cell tower? both devices sitting in same spot? are you below the 50gb on both?

Same tower switch to band 66, same as my cell phone. Another person in a RV at the same campsite said his friend had to pay to unlock cellular bandwidth. Didn’t see that anywhere’s. I haven’t even started this months plan, less than 1gb on both. No change on the Pepwave Max Transit Mini… still slow as …


Please open a support ticket for us to take a closer look. This is not a expected results.

  1. You can open a ticket using the following URL:
    Peplink Ticketing System

  2. Please turn on RA access for the device to allow support team to check on the device :+1:
    How to enable Remote Assistance

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Found that you have the ticket opened. Support team will followup with you shortly.

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