Restoring Balance configuration among different models

I have got two Peplink Balance 380, one of which has got faults and other one still working. I want to restore the configuration file from Balance 380 to Balance 580. Is it straight a way or do I need to change it with some online tool as I have heard of.

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I think this forum post will help you:

It has a very clear explanation with images and tips.

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I want to say that going from one device to another can be done, but I think you will need some help from the Peplink staff. I am pretty sure I saw another similar post where they had the user open a ticket and send in their config. The staff were able to manipulate it to work on the new target hardware. One of them should be chiming in soon

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Please ask your Peplink partner. There is a Balance Conversion Tool to migrate your configuration to a more advance models, eg BPL380 BPL580, available through partner pavillion.

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I am interested in this topic, too and would like to plan in advance this scenario, as if our Balance Core should fail, we may decide to switch to another model, how would we import the original saved config?

anyone successfully restore balance configuration among different model ?
we had balance 580 and need to upgrade to balance 2500, open ticket to peplink already, but so far no reply from them …

@indrazulardi, the support ticket has been picked up and our team shall be followed up with you on this.

Due to the Balance 2500 has various model variants (copper vs fiber interfaces) and different LAN/WAN ports, the configuration file has to be done manually at this moment.

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Hi. I currently own a PepLink Balance 30 and just bought a newer hardware model Balance 20. Only difference is this newer one has 2 WAN ports with an option 3rd if licensed. I backed up my Balance 30 configuration to a file and tried to load the configuration file on the 20 thinking it would load all the previous settings. I received the following error:

“Error: Configuration file not accepted.
This configuration file is generated by a different model of Peplink Balance. Please visit Peplink | Pepwave - Forum and look up the article for how to convert a configuration file for another model of Peplink Balance.”

This led me to this forum posting. I can not find what they are describing. I need to get this new Peplink in place replacing the old one which is now 7 yrs old. The older model only has v5.4.7 fw and this newer one has v7.1.2 fw. Maybe the configuration will not load due to thw fw difference. I would appreciate if someone can tell me how to convert the config file and get it loaded with all my previous settings. Thanks

Log a ticket with engineering. They have a tool to convert config files.

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thank you. I will do that