Backing up and Restoring Device Configurations

Peplink recommends users to perform configuration backup regularly, especially before making any configuration changes. The configuration related settings are located at: System > Configuration

Download Active Configurations

Click Download and save the configuration file to backup the current active settings.

Download Active Configurations and Backups from InControl

If you have enabled InControl management for your device, InControl will automatically backup your configuration changes. On the device management page, click the Download link next to configuration backups to download a configuration file.

One advantage of doing this via InControl is that you can choose the date you wish to download the configuration for.

Upload Configurations

Users can upload their own custom settings by clicking Browse… to choose the appropriate configuration file, then click Upload to restore to their own settings.

Upload Configurations from High Availability Pair

(This is a section only apply to Balance model 210, 310, 305, 380, 580, 710, 1350)

If you have download a configuration file from a High Availability Pair, you may upload that configuration file in here by clicking Browse… to choose and Upload to upload configuration settings.

Restore the configuration to Factory Settings

Click the Restore Factory Settings button to restore to factory default settings. Be sure to backup your configurations before performing a factory reset.

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Does this apply to the Balance One? I do not have that “Download” link for configuration backups.

IC2 configuration backup should available for all product models.

Configuration backups only will take place when there is configuration change make for the device. If you can’t find the configuration backups “download” link, please open a support ticket here for support team to check.

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Thanks! I was just blindly missing the “Show All” button that extended the list.

Some of my other network devices, such as Untangle firewall, perform automatic backup to Google Drive. Are you considering a similar feature for Balance devices? For me the best solution would be FTP or other way of pushing the backup to a local network storage. The key would be automatic scheduled backups, instead of manual.

InControl2 will automatically backup your configuration when detected configuration changes for the devices. It’s more intelligent compare to scheduled backup as it won’t duplicate the same backup configuration if no changes make.

If you refer to the screenshot below, you will see the example backup file base on the date.

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I have downloaded the configuration in the past but can’t find it. What the file extension so I can search for it ?-)

Hello @ScooterIT,
If downloaded from InControl2 the file name will be in the format of
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


We also want to see the diff between config file…