Resetting a Pepwave to factory default does it remove the device from InControl ?

The previous owner of my UBR added it to his InControl account and I have been trying to figure out a way to remove it since I no longer have any contact with that guy. Then I thought about resetting the device to factory default but I don’t know whether it will do or not.

No, sorry. The only method that works is for the owner of the account to which the device is attached to remove it.

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Like Rick says you cannot remove the unit from Ic2 just by default it.

You can however default the unit and power it up with no external connectivity, log in locally and disable Ic2 management.

That would prevent the device calling home or being managed by Ic2 I believe which may enable you to make use of the unit, just unfortunately without the features that Ic2 provides.

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Ok. Thank you

You can contact Peplink support, provide a photo of the unit, including the label with serial number, and a diagnostic report to prove you have it in hand, and they will disassociate the device with the previous owner’s account, allowing you to register it. I’ve done this process several times now.

Can’t do that anymore, please see this post here which describes the current policy:

What to do if a 'Device already belongs to another organization'.

It may not be advertised, but I’ve definitely had one done since that post was made.