Request to have PUK code field when SIM card was locked



In case a wrong SIM PIN has been entered too many times, is it possible to fill in the PUK code and let the MAX do its magic?

If not, please move to the request part :wink:



Hi PG,

This is not available at the moment. Anyway this is a good idea :up:. I will move this thread to features request.



Any news on this?

To give more insight, when you use “Disable PIN”, the pin code is NOT disabled, merely you don’t have to enter it again. After simswap and put i t back, the pin code is again asked. This is really problematic!



May I know which firmware version you are using? Latest firmware version shouldn’t has this problem. Please try on latest firmware version.


Meaning that if I put the firmware, i will not have to fill in pin code again? I guess I will at least once.


The problem you described here is a known issue and fixed in latest firmware version. Please download and try.


PUK unlock would be a great addition!
Also a notification when a SIM is PUK locked as currently it just fails to connect rather than saying "PUK Locked"