Remove Device From InControl

Is there a certain way to remove a device from InControl? I have many MAX BR1 Mini units and I would like to remove 2 units from the InControl system. I would like the configurations to remain the same, just remove them from InControl. Also I would like them to stop reporting data to InControl like heartbeats and online status. What is the best way to do this?

  1. Navigate to the group they are in
  2. click the manage edit button under the device list
  3. check the box next to the devices you want to remove
  4. Click the Actions button and select Remove
  5. on the dialogue that pops up, choose ‘retain on devices’ for All incontrol2 managed settings.


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Ok, will this also stop the units from sending data to inControl2?

Yes. InControl2 will not know they exist so not request the data.

Alternatively you could use IC2s low data mode and disable gps and still keep the devices in IC2 with a bandwidth cost of around ~1.5MB / month (~7MB with GPS enabled).