Remote Worker access to Windows Server Network via VPN

I need to quickly setup 30 users for remote access to office windows server for remote work during cornavirus outbreak and need help:

Network environment consist of:
Windows 2008 R2 Sp1

Peplink 30
Running DHCP for office

3 network printers to occascionally print

Software Cusom
We are using custom saas web based software that is IP restricted to work from office WAN IP Address only

What Ive tried thus far:
installing Remote Access on server using VPN access yet confused on the whole port forwarding required. When I log into the peplink I see many choices (openvpn, pptp lt2p) and not sure how to go about setup.

Any help is greatly appreciated as we will be send staff home with a computer tomorrow to begin telworking.

Hi Kenneth,

have a look at this post


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thank you!

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