Remote User Access for Different Users / Different Network Segments


I would like to ask if we can get a Feature Added for Remote Users to access Different network Segments / Vlans.

For Example User 1 wants to Access Management Vlan 1 and User 2 wants to Access Network Van 10 this should be able to do this, currently you can only have all Remote Users access only One Network Segment / Vlan

PPTP with multiple vlans per user? Balance ONE
PPTP with multiple vlans per user? Balance ONE

YES PLEASE! Need ability to assign Remote Access users to different VLANs. This is a higher-end feature that you can find on SonicWall TZ300/400/etc. and would be a game-changer to have on Peplink Balance routers. It would massively differentiate Balance routers from lower-end devices.


+1 for this also
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: