Registration keys

I am not experienced with all of this but I think I am using the “free trial.” I signed up yesterday on a 1 year contract and have been going through the steps to set up SFC. I went to the spot where you enable speed fusion access to get my activation keys but it doesn’t take me to the page to get my keys. It takes me back to the get “free trial” page. So, what do I do to get keys?

Hi ,

You can view the keys in your Pavillon account by following these steps:

If you cannot perform the above procedure with your Peplink ID account you can create a ticket and from there we can help you.

I copied one of three keys which was the one I purchased yesterday. It said Activation failed. Key already used. This is the first time I used key. What should I do?

If I go to my dashboard, it shows I have 2.99 TB left and expires in 2022. Could I already be activate even though I never used activation key?

Generally when it shows you that error it is because the key has been pushed directly to the device from Incontrol, and according to what you tell me it is. We work on making things simpler.