Question about 3rd party antennas when the Peplink devices have multiple antenna ports

If I wanted to get a directional antenna, how does that work when all the MAX devices have 2 antenna ports today per SIM, like Cellular 1, and Cellular 1 Diversity? Would I need two directional antennas, one for each port, or would I just connect it to the primary port? Or would I use some kind of Y adapter and connect it to both of them?

Discussed here:

I would consider using one of the MIMO options - they will use 2 input cables.

You could alternatively use 2 directional antennas; 1 for Horizontal and 1 for Vertical - or both slant pol. Hope that helps.


Get the xpol2 (or xpol2 5g) it’s really very very good indeed and mimo.