Cellular diversity / aux port


I would like know how this aux port really works. Is it a real backup to main or is just used for receive in order to get MIMO.

From Pepwave FAQ I get that Aux antenna is a backup for main, but also says that:

“The main antenna is used for transmit, and both Main and Aux antennas are used for receive.”

Therefor is not clear if antenna Aux can be used for tx/rx alone.

Let say you have two external antennas on a boat connected to each main and aux port at the Pepwave. If the one connected to main port is blocked somehow, will the other antenna connected to aux port act as a real backup allowing tx/rx to the Pepwave?

Its been discussed many times here…

The aux/diversity port only helps on the downlink. It will not increase upload speed. And yes it does increase download speed if the tower/signal supports it.

It is NOT a backup for the main antenna. I dont understand what is not clear? What you posted from the FAQ is clear.

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There is a nice write-up about diversity (aux) antennas on wikipedia.

The short answer: You need the main antenna to work. The diversity antenna makes it work better on reception.




Yes, it has been discussed many times in this forum, but there is no official statement from Peplink other than the FAQ post which I think is ambiguous as it says, “In addition, the auxiliary antenna also acts as a backup to the main antenna.” Saying that acts as a backup means it can do TX as well. Now I’m certain that this is not the case so I think this line should be removed to avoid confusion.

No offence guys but saying it is used for receive does not actually mean the port cannot transmit. I mean, it is hardware limited or is it how Pepwave use it? And because I’m stubborn and I wanted to make sure the aux antenna does not do any actual transmission I kept searching for a more technical answer:

In Sierra Wireless (the cellular modem manufacturer) forum this subject is also treated:

And Sierra’s engineer answer is:

“the unit has a single transmitter and two receivers, you can see this in the RF block diagram in the PTS”

The cellular modem used in a MAX BR1 MK2, hardware revision 3, is a Sierra Wireless MC7455. And you can find its specs here:


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