QoS - Prioritization by destination


Some of our customers would like to prioritize traffic going to Internet or over a SpeedFusion VPN based on Destination IP and not internal source IP.
Is it planned to implement it ?



I will move this thread to Feature Request for the product team to take consideration.

Thank you.


Hi Liew,

Do you know if we can have a feed back on this feature request?
This is a mandatory feature for on of our customer and will make him decide if to order Peplink or something else.



Can you also give us Feature request number if it exists?

Hi Alex,

Can you share an example how Qos with a destination with help in your customer environment? They are using hosted SIP service?

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Hi Liew,

It would be nice to have up to 8 priority queues, to be able to create
different QoS policies, based on source, destination and protocol. And nice
to have based on TOS field value.
As an example:

  1. In Branch offices, they use a proprietary application (HomeAPP) using
    port 443 (HTTPS). The destination server for HomeAPP is at Head Quarter.
    There are 2 ISP lines A & B, but the bandwidth is not very high. When
    clients need access to HomeAPP server, the traffic to the server IP must
    have the highest priority and a minimum bandwidth reserved.
    As we can base the prioritization on the client IP in the branch office for
    such protocol (HTTPS) that can be used for basic Internet access, we must
    make priority rules based on the destination server.

Sample :

  • Client :;
  • Destination :
  • Protocol : HTTPS.

Result :

  • –> —> Priority 8 (Very high);
  • –> www.google.com:443 —> Priority 1 (Very Low, Best effort).

Hope that’s clear.
Today only source IP and protocols can be prioritized, but depending on the
destination, we do not need the same priority for the same protocol and

Best regards

Is there a way to set bandwidth limit by a WAN subnet, both source and destination, on any port? This isn’t for WAN link sharing/bonding, this is just about putting hard limits on amount of WAN bits going in and out to and from specific WAN subnets. If important, I am currently using Peplink Balance 20 with latest firmware.


Base on description given, look like you are looking at advanced QOS feature (Bandwidth Limit & Traffic prioritization) that can define the QOS scope base on destination IP or combination for source IP/Destination IP or service ports.

I had moved this thread under feature request and let Engineering team to consider the feasibility.

Thank You

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So I guess the move to “feature request” means this isn’t possible now? Extremely unfortunate if so, might need to switch to a different device since this is an absolute necessity in our environment, and I suspect many multi-user environments.

+1 here as we have 250+ customers and growing on hosted SIP service.

+1 for this. We would like to prioritize communication between two hosts, one on each side of a speedfusion tunnel. by specifying their ip addresses Currently there is now way to do this without finding the ports specific applications use and creating multiple rules for each traffic type. sometimes we just want to prioritize all traffic to and from specific ip addresses. another example is prioritizing http traffic to a specific server rather than just having a blanket rule for http that prioritizes all other web browsing traffic.

On a somewhat related note, I’m also not clear on how Peplink’s QoS works for traffic that is inside a speedfusion tunnel. I would ideally like to see the ability to create QoS rules for traffic within a tunnel and external traffic. This way we can prioritize vpn rules over similar rules that go to the internet.

How is this feature request progressing at least 1 year later? Update on status from Peplink requested.

I’d like to see that too.

  • 1 here, I hope there is enhancement on the QOS features where can configure source and destination and guarantee certain bandwidth for this.where the existing QOS is having a lot of limitation where it can do priority application by port number, but it cannot specify source IP and destination IP. :frowning:

This needs to get bumped up and addressed already.

Hopefully this features can be launch as soon as possible.

Peplink Team, any good news for this features request?

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hi peplink team
any news about qos by destination ip ?

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