QoS Individual Bandwidth Limit doesn't work

@mystery, Individual Bandwidth Limit will be applied to all LAN clients for BR1 MK2.

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@TK_Liew can you please clarify? Are you saying the MK2 cannot support Group Bandwidth Reservation? Also for Individual Bandwidth Limit, I cannot assign max bandwidth per Group and would have to limit everyone’s max bandwidth globally?

In other threads I see screenshots of the Group Bandwidth but that section is completely missing in my firmware. Also, in this thread I see the Individual Bandwidth Limit can be assigned to groups such as “Manager” “Staff” “Guest” which can be based on specific IP addresses, IP blocks, and “All DHCP reservation clients” - all of these options are missing in my firmware.

I am trying to limit max mbps bandwidth for certain devices via static IP or MAC address, preferably over a particular WAN. If I cannot do a particular WAN, then I’d like to limit bandwidth for these certain devices over all WANs for the time being. Issue being when on WiFi as WAN we have unlimited bandwidth but when on cellular we have GB thresholds/allowances and streaming TV can eat up a ton of bandwidth we’d like to save.

Thank you.

Each device has its own limitations and it sounds like with that piece of hardware it may be an all or nothing setting where you have to limit all the clients to a set level. These charts may help you in your settings. I’ve found that for today’s TVs and my own personal taste for quality, I like 4700kbps as my individual client limit.


@TK_Liew here is a screenshot of what I see… I created two groups… they dont show up as options… nor does group bandwidth settings…

@mystery, MK2 doesn’t support User Groups and Group Bandwidth Reservation at the moment. We are studying the feasibility to have these feature in the future firmware release.

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That would be awesome. Any chance for firmware 8.1? Thank you

In the mean time, is there any other way to limit bandwidth mbps on a specific WAN (not by end user/device/IP) or any other creative thoughts to help it so my TVs are not streaming at 17mbps each on a cellular plan?

Thank you as always!

@mystery, I don’t have a solid timeframe when the User Groups and Group Bandwidth Reservation will be supported in MK2. The engineering team is looking into it at the moment.

You may enable the Individual Bandwidth Limit for the time being. This will limit the throughput for all the LAN clients.

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I would be happy to beta test it in 8.1 just please let me know if it can be enabled. Thanks!

@TK_Liew if can’t be included in 8.1.0 any chance for 8.1.1? Thank you!

@mystery, I don’t have the ETA at moment. I have a discussion with engineering team, we can provide a special firmeare for you to do testing. I will let you know once the firmware is ready.

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@mystery, here you go for the firmware for you to do testing.



awesome! thank you so much!! this seems to be working. now we aren’t burning through 34 mbps of cellular bandwidth streaming on two small TVs and i have them set to 2mbps each.

A couple questions:

  1. is it possible to change the group names of manager, staff, and guest? or add a new name?
  2. is it possible to be more granular and set these bandwidth rules by WAN? for example, limit to a certain mbps on cellular but allow unlimited bandwidth on WiFi as WAN?

slight bug: when i clicked to enable the individual limits, i clicked save, it said to click to apply changes but apply changes was greyed out. i was able to trick it by faking to change another setting and got apply changes to enable so i could click it.

thank you!

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They are default and can’t be changed. We support 3 groups only at the moment.

The Individual Bandwidth Limit applied to all WANs.

Thanks as always TK

Any chance to raise that as a feature request for consideration for a future enhancement that bandwidth rules such as Individual Limit to be able to bet set on a WAN-by-WAN basis?

@mystery, I notice you posted a feature request below. Engineering team will take a look on it. Thanks for your feature request.

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Hi TK,

Does the bandwidth limit work if the traffic is sent over speedfusion via an Outbound rule?

I had a client today using up all available bandwidth and I had them set to 1mbps max.


@mystery, Bandwidth Limit works over SpeedFusion tunnel.

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This may be a bug then… I had it set to 1mbps and saw 6 mbps being used on the Client list tab. Would you like me to open a new ticket?

@mystery, can I confirm which firmware you are using now?

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The special one you shared above.