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Hi guys
following on from the comments on this post “Firmware 8.1.0 RC 3” i would like to request that Peplink maintain a public bug tracker which records active and resolved bugs (including the firmware where a bug is resolved) as well as access to current special builds which fix known bugs in-between RC builds.

I think this would be really useful to partners and customers and would help Peplink as it would reduce the number of duplicate tickets that get raised with customers reporting the same problems.

While the information in the release notes have improved over the years, it isn’t easy to find out if a fix in a special build has been pushed into the RC firmware, or if a problem in one beta/RC has been fixed in the next release.



Whoop whoop! A great idea. Yes please. +1


Good idea!
If it is not possible to add a bug tracker as a public feature, maybe it can be added to the Partner Pavilion?


That’s a great idea James!

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Another +1 for this :slight_smile:

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Great Idea +1 for this

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