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Hi guys
following on from the comments on this post “Firmware 8.1.0 RC 3 - #7 by james.webster1” i would like to request that Peplink maintain a public bug tracker which records active and resolved bugs (including the firmware where a bug is resolved) as well as access to current special builds which fix known bugs in-between RC builds.

I think this would be really useful to partners and customers and would help Peplink as it would reduce the number of duplicate tickets that get raised with customers reporting the same problems.

While the information in the release notes have improved over the years, it isn’t easy to find out if a fix in a special build has been pushed into the RC firmware, or if a problem in one beta/RC has been fixed in the next release.



Whoop whoop! A great idea. Yes please. +1


Good idea!
If it is not possible to add a bug tracker as a public feature, maybe it can be added to the Partner Pavilion?


That’s a great idea James!


Another +1 for this :slight_smile:


Great Idea +1 for this


Grand idea, +1 (several times over) please!


Completely agree. This benefits everyone, the company and customers. Company gets less tech support requests when people can see their issue is known and being worked on. Customers can see others are having the same problem and be assured their issue is not unique to them or anything they are doing wrong. Win. Win.


Absolutely needed. So many times every of us clarifies bugs with the support finding out, that someone else already raised the issue.
This would even save PL‘s support time and effort.
We could better find out, too, if we should wait with upgrading our productive units to a new fw revision.
8.1 was a real mess for me. I will not adopt that quickly to a new fw release again.


Great Idea!!! +1

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+1 for the public bug tracker. Many other vendors have this, and it will reduce a number of support calls I believe.

Do you think the [Known Issue] posts will help you to search through the identified bugs more conveniently?

Or, you can search the [known-issue] tag which shall give you the desired result too.

If this were to be regularly updated with known issues/fixes /workarounds, that would work well for the forum community. It seems though that this leaves out a significant number of users that do not wish to partake in the forum.
Is there a reason known issues aren’t tracked within the firmware release notes? This seems like a logical place as the known issue can then be traced using the reference number to a fix in later firmware revisions. This would help keep information in a central location where it is already being looked for by users as well. Historically we’ve seen known issues listed in the release notes, but it is rare and usually only when the firmware is released. Issues noticed after the firmware release don’t seem to get added.
Whatever the means of communicating the known issues, a major importance we see is that it is updated regularly and that even issues that do not yet have resolutions get published. If special build firmware releases are involved it would be nice to have those included as well.

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Hi Wei Ming, hope you are well.

I think this would work well as long as long as it is regularly updated and the posts are detailed and sufficiently tagged to make them findable and to understand if the issue is the same as being experienced.

It would be really cool if the firmware versions which are affected, along with the versions (including special builds) where the bug is fixed are linked as well, allowing at the least partners (if not everyone) the ability to download the relevant firmware to that is linked to the known issue. It would also be great if the forum tag cloud allowed a firmware version to be searched for and see all the linked known issues associated with that firmware.

The problem with having these in the release notes is that it relies on us to download each and scour though them to find something which relates to the issues we are seeing.

One of the big issues we see at the moment is when raising a support ticket we get told that what we are seeing is fixed in the latest firmware but we aren’t told what the issue/bug is that is being fixed. When we need to have downtime with t our customers to upgrade firmware we need to justify it, and information is how we do that. We need to be able to tell them that we are upgrading because of a known issue which is fixed in firmware X.Y.Z and what the fix is for. The more detail we can provide the better as it brings confidence in what we are doing.


Agree, the presence of adequate details helps to establish better communication. This is noted and the suggestion will be taken into consideration in our upcoming known issue announcement.

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