Problem with firmware 8.02

I have 3 peplink ,710,580 and 380. All of them still in warranty and they have the firmware 8.0.0. I try to put the last firmware in them the 8.0.2. I download the firmware install it the peplink reboot and still in the 8.0.0 firmware. Could some help me and tell me what I have to do to resolve the problem

You may want to check in IC2 and see if it is set to push firmware 8.0.0 to the device. If it is then it is likely rolling the device back after you upgrade.


I check in IC2, it’s on firmware policy 8.0.2, I disable it and try to do it manually same problem

Are you getting any messages after the device boots up? You’ll want to make sure that you’re using the correct firmware version for your hardware and for the hardware revision.

Navigate to System > Reboot. What does this screen show? You should see two firmware banks that show what versions are on both of them. It should look something like this

If you’re only seeing one firmware version I would recommend opening a ticket.


Automated firmware installations are fine … until something goes wrong.

I would check which two firmware are currently installed (as toaster suggested), then manually download what you want from the Peplink website, go offline, manually update the firmware and, after rebooting, see which two firmwares are installed. And, the Event Log is your friend.