PPTP with multiple vlans per user? Balance ONE



I got multiple vlans configured on the Balance. But on Remote User Access Settings can only bind 1 Vlan per configuration. Is there a way to achieve this.

For example: user1 to vlan10 and user2 to vlan20, etc…

VPN to certain VLAN based on username?

As for now, PPTP only work for single VLAN. I will move this post to forum request section to allow other to comment.


Is this possible?

The scenario would be that we have a server(s) hosting financial data in an “Accounting Department” VLAN. Our accounting firm will need to remotely connect to our network to get to those servers, and ideally we would like them to only have access to the servers in the “Accounting Department” VLAN. There are other users that would need to remotely connect to other VLANs.


Please please please yes please. This would be for any Remote User Access (PPTP or L2TP) and is desperately needed. My firm uses the Balance One Core for residential deployments and we need to be able to lock down different Remote User Access to different VLANs, such as “security guy can only access security/camera VLAN”, “AV guy can only access AV VLAN”, etc.

Can also find this request here:


Hi-- can we consolidate these two requests with this one to get some traction on this request please?

At this point if I cannot get confirmation that this feature request has been added to a definite roadmap/future upgrade, I will need to start migrating clients to SonicWall’s TZ300/TZ400 line because I am getting too many requests for this functionality.



This request has been filed. Our team will review the request.



Thanks! What is typical timing to find out if it might be included in a future release or outright denied?