Power Options for MK2

I have a MK2 that I want to connect using 12V power. Do I use the two outer terminals with the one of the right being pos?

The BR1 Mini could use PoE. I understand the MK2 cannot; is that correct?



You can check the followings link for the power input & power output supported for the devices:

What do you mean for this ?

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Hi Tim,

if I understood your question correct, this should be your answer

for the PoE input


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Unless I am missing something in the link you posted, it does not show which of the four terminal block holes to use for the two 12V leads. Where is the pin-out diagram for the terminal block?

@dennis.hofheinz posted an answer from another thread which shows for the BR1 Classic that the two outer pins are used, with the right one being for POS. I accept it is a reasonable assumption to say the configuration didn’t change for MK2, but I’d like Peplink to confirm that before I start throwing voltages at a $700 device :slight_smile:

And I’m still confused about the PoE support. The BR1 Mini shows PoE for one of the ethernet ports, but I don’t see it in the link you provided. The Mk2 doesn’t have such a label, and I’m curious if it can be powered by PoE?

Thank you.

The Pins are labelled.
pin 1 is negative
pin 4 is positive

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MK2 BR1 cannot be powered via POE to either its LAN or WAN port.

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I am assuming any of these Max routers (specifically MAX HD2 Mini and MAX BR1 MK2) can be simultaneously provided power through the AC adapter plug (12V 2A) and DC 10-30V through pins 1- and 4+ of the terminal connector so that the terminal connector DC input from a 12 bolt battery on trickle charge can serve as a backup for the DC provided from the AC adapter in the event of a mains (utility) power interruption such as hurricane outage etc? Thanks to any of you who have more electrical training than I. Any concerns about fuses or power surges beyond having a 3A fuse on the positive wire to terminal 4?