Port Forwarding for SpeedFusion NAT Mode LAN Clients

As of Firmware 6.3.2, Peplink routers can designate ports for each of their LAN clients while running NAT on SpeedFusion. This ensures that remote devices will be able to reach each LAN client individually.

For this document, a server is defined as the device with NAT mode enabled:

There are two steps to enabling this function:

Reserving the IP Address for DHCP on the Server Side Router

Navigate to Status > SF to locate the clients to enable port forwarding for. The ones that need port forwarding are marked as "With Client" on the Web UI. ![](https://s3.amazonaws.com/forum.peplink.com/uploads/38be19019310b6382eef751c84109f1a348cb069.png) Navigate to Status > Client List and find the IP of the client to enable port forwarding for. Click on the ![](https://s3.amazonaws.com/forum.peplink.com/uploads/46739841b67493844ed78abdcfb6c7f6653b05b7.png) button, and then click "Save". Unless you want to modify the IP address, no changes are needed on the "Add to DHCP Reservation" dialogue. ![](https://s3.amazonaws.com/forum.peplink.com/uploads/4a0a38946b339e7cc80a440904b50088f3896f31.png)
Side note: The MAC Address you are adding to the DHCP Reservation is virtual. For the default naming convention, the "30:C9:AF" is derived from the serial number of the device.
Navigate to Network > LAN > Network Settings and enter the VLAN of the SpeedFusion Tunnel under DHCP Reservation

Enabling Port Forwarding on the Client Router

Access the WebUI of the client router, and enable port forwarding . When defining port forwarding services, please select "PepVPN" for the Inbound IP Address. ![](https://s3.amazonaws.com/forum.peplink.com/uploads/b65e0f287b672993c8097e38d48f822c33128954.png) For full instructions on enabling port forwarding, please refer to this article.
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When using NAT Mode and SpeedFusion, do the remote LANs have to be unique for the tunnel to establish?

By selecting this option, the remote unit VPN will be assigned with an IP address from the local DHCP server. All the remote side traffic via this VPN will go through Network Address Translation (NAT) using the assigned IP address.


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is this also possible with a Fusion Hub? With FH there is no DHCP reservation possible.