Pepwave Surf Surf SOHO fails to write configuration changes to flash memory


When I try to make configuration changes, using the web interface via ethernet, to my Pepwave Surf SOHO I get the following message, and then have connection problems. The message is, “Changes are applied successfully. But the router failed to write configuration data to the flash memory. Please backup the configuration immediately, download a diagnostic report and report this to Pepwave support.” During my last attempt to make a change, this message popped up, and then I was unable to connect to the web interface for awhile, and then unable to connect to the internet for awhile, but eventually was able to do both of those, but my changes were discarded.


This probably relate to the flash card. Please open ticket and enable Remote Assistance for the SOHO for us to check.



Is it possible to copy the memory contents from one device to another?


@Tronia, RMA is the only way if the problem is related to the hardware


I understand , but after 2 months without response from support, I’m trying other alternatives. really support is so slow.


Do you have a ticket number for us to research this? Please make sure you are not spam filtering our responses.


There might be some confusion here. I posted this topic, not Tronia.


@MichaelM, have you create a support ticket as suggested by @TK_Liew for the team to follow up?


No, I have not.