PepWave Max BR1 stuck on Obtaining IP Address AT&T SIM

We have this on our boat and everything was working great until this afternoon. We switched from generator to shore power and now it will not obtain IP Address for the AT&T sim card. I know that we have AT&T service as our phones have LTE service. I am also able to log into and connect it via the personal hotspot on my phone and the wifi at the marina. However we need it to connect to the AT&T sim that we use the majority of the time. I have not changed any of the settings so not sure why it stopped working.

This is many possibilities - data plan of the SIM, outdated firmware or etc. Please test the affected SIM card with another device to narrow down the problem. Ensure the device is running with latest firmware version.

If the problem persists, please download Diagnostic Report and open ticket for us to take closer look.


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Updated the firmware however we had the 6.3.0 and now updated to the 6.3.3 version but no luck. I think it may be on AT&T at this point as I tested my Tmobile sim card and it connected right away.

I have same issue and card works in mifi device…I have already factory reset the pep wave but still nothing. Works with my Verizon sim card…any help will be greatly appreciated

Please put the AT&T SIM card into your phone. Your phone managed to access internet with AT&T SIM card?

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I have a MiFi device for my AT&T sim card, which is working just fine…in fact, I have my Pepwave connected to that as a WiFi and that is how I have connectivity

The sim works fine in the MiFi device but as soon as I put it in the Pepwave, it can’t obtain an IP address.

What did AT&T say when you contacted them about this? Thanks

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The card works fine in the Mifi…do you think its a problem with the card. AT&T said it was good…any other suggestions? 4/10/19…still same issue…any thoughts? I am beginning to think this unit is junk.

@ibcwhite, please do an additional step as suggested. This will help to rule out the problem. Thanks.

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I am back at my house now where I know I have full connectivity with cellular networks. My Pepwave is still “searching for an IP address” It does this with both AT&T and Verizon sim cards. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


I’d suggest following the general steps set forth here:

Before doing a factory reset you may wish to save a config file but I’d suggest not reloading it right away after rebooting. Try to get to get cellular modem going first – just in case the config is screwed up (unlikely).

This issue is now a bit old. You’ll also want to update the FW to the most recent.



Please check also whether the AT&T/Verizon SIM cards are contracts to certain device only.

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