Pepwave MAX BR1 Mini no supported n Verizon 4g/LTE

Just purchased Pepwave Max-Br1-Mini-LTE-US-T “AND” a Verizon Sim card from 3gstore.c o m. Inserted SIM card fine. Connect WiFi fine. See that the Pepwave did connect to the VErizon switch, got IP address, gateway and DNS server IP’s. See signal level RSSI -70 Dbm. -8 S/N. LTE Band 13. Looks like Pepwave is talking to the VErizon switch. HOWEVER… When I try to add the Pepwave on my Verizon account, I tried adding as other device-USB Modem-4G Modem. I enter the IMEI number anf Verizon website gives error that the device is not compatible with the Verizon network because it is not GPS compatible, Tried the ESN #, MEID ICCID numbers. All gave similar errors, "Not compatible with Verizon Network:.

Took the information to the Verizon store and the agent tried adding the Pepwave to my account. He got the same error.

I saw this thread: Pepwave MAX BR1 Verizon activation
It says Verizon users in N. America need model MAX-BR1-LTE-V-T. The folks at 3gstore.c o m do not show that model # on the website nor did they offer it live.

CORRECTION: MAX-BR1-Mini-LTE-A is available on the 3gstore But there is a required checkbox stating that “I understand the BR1 Mini LTE-A is not certified for use on Verizon”

Is it possible I just need a pre-activated SIM card form Verizon?

Can someone help, please?

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Hi John, did you buy the BR1-MINI-LTE-US-T or the BR1-MINI-LTEA-W-T?

Hi Tim, I bought the MAX-BR1-Mini-LTE-US-T as shown on the invoice from 3Gstore. It is the model the lady on chat told me to use. (US). There is confusing information at the vendor and it shows on the Invoice. The part number is what I show above. The Description says Pepwave MAX BR11 Mini - LTE (North/South America. The product code on the bottom of the router says MAX-BR1_Mini-LTE-US-T

I apologize for a very confusing initial post. In effort to give plenty of details I screwed up the whole schebang.

Hi John, no worries. Every now and then we make a mistake by not uploading the IMEI’s to the Verizon database before we ship them out.

Just send me your serial number and I will get it added.

Sorry for the hassle!

If you prefer you can also send it to salesatpeplinkdotcom as well.

Hi Tim, thanks for the SPEEDY response! Impressive support!

The S/N is 2933-XXXX-A7C7

Thank you, again. Will you notify my via this thread when IMEI upload to Verizon is complete? I’ll keep an eye out.

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Hi John, I have loaded the IMEI and you should be able to activate it within 20 mins or so.

Sorry again for the hassle.

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Thanks, Tim. The activation with Verizon was successful. I have the WiFi subnet configured and working. I see in the log that Verizon queried the SIM card, and that the modem is talking to the Verizon switch. I changed the WiFi WPA2 password, made sure DNS forwarding is setup. But when I try to connect to anything out on the web, It re-directs me to a blank Verizon splash screen. At one point, not sure how I did it, my laptop was directed to a Verizon screen that wanted me to add this laptop as a device on my account for a nominal monthly charge… That is, if $250/month is nominal. I have to read through some documentation on this. IT is not behaving as I would expect a router to behave. URL’s and DNS look-ups do not appear to be making it past Vrizon. OH!. On my MACBook laptiop, ifconfig shows the IP address, mask and gateway. But it does not show DNS entries. I’ll read up on configuration. Thanks again for the speedy help!

note: All URL’s are redirected to:


If I had to guess, now you want Verizon to assign it to your account before you can use it. Give them a call. It should be available for registration now. Good luck

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UPDATE - Solved: Once EMEI # Registered the modem was brought up in the Verizon switch. IT would not complete registration to pass traffic through to the web. Worked with Verizon 2nd level tech support. He found a problem in the coding in the billing system where it would not activate during the billing period of the current 3g Aircard on my Cradlepoint MBR900. Either I get billed for BOTH devices or wait for the old 3g Novatel720 air card to end and he will activate the PapWave. — Jump to 2 days ago, PepWave MAX Br1 came online all by itself, like magic… The configuration of firewall rules was a snap and everything (cameras, security and messaging system) came online 1st try. Hats off to Peplink. This router is much more advanced than I expected, with more features than found in routers from the San Jose based companies (which I am very familiar with) and for 1/10 the cost… Thank you for a great product, value and support.