Pepwave Max BR1 HW1 with Firmware 6.3.5 build 2763 does not recognize sim card; cellular light does not not light up

I have a Pepwave Max BR1 HW1 with Firmware 6.3.5 build 2763. It looks like it does not recognize the sim card because the cellular light does not not light up when you plug it in. The sim card is from a Verizon JetPack running 4G. The unit used to work fine. I don’t use the unit that often so when I set it up to use a few months ago, the cellular light did not illuminate and would not connect to the cellular broadband service. I just recently had time to try to figure out what’s wrong.

The sim works perfectly in the Verizon JetPack hotspot, but the Max BR1 does not seem to detect it in the unit. I updated the firmware to 6.3.5 and the unit still does not detect the sim card.

I have attached screen shots of the Dashboad and the Cellular details. I don’t see how to run a diagnostic test on the unit to verify everything is working. I would appreciate any help.

I have no particiular knowledge here, but my approach would be:


Hey Michael, I have already updated the Max BR1 firmware to the latest version. I did not know that there is a separate modem firmware. I did not see it listed. I will take a look.

Thank You!

@Johnson_Price, please submit a ticket for us to check. Please ensure the BR1 is connected to the internet in order for us to access it remotely.