Pepwave HD1 Dome with SIM injector not reading SIM´s

Hi all,

I am currently testing on the bench the following:

Pepwave MAX HD1 Dome with firmware 8.0.2
Pepwave SIM injector with version 1.1.8

I connected the equipment, everything started working smoothly.
I inserted a SIM on SIM1 slot and followed the instructions by the Youtube video regarding the configuration of how to use the SIM with the HD2 Dome.

During this process I found the following:

  • Under SIM Remote Management in Advance Settings on the HD1, autodiscovery was enabled, but couldn´t read the SIM Injector. I manually entered the serial number.
  • Pepwave SIM injector GUI kept kicking me out when I would go to a different tab every 2 minutes. Is this normal?
  • I went to Cellular 1 Details, changed to SIM remote management and entered the SIM injector serial number by the search. Reloaded the SIM, but after reseting, it wouldn´t detect the SIM. Changed SIM slots, followed the serial number with :3, introduced APN settings, but nothing.
  • SIM injector was stuck on “setting up” on the respective SIM port.
  • SIM is working on Slot A in the HD1.
    Am I missing something? I couldn´t get the system to read the SIM.

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you,

The main problem :
Suppose when auto LAN discovery enabled, the HD1 should detected the SIMInjector. Please open a support ticket for support team to check.


Was there any solution to this problem? We have struck something very similar, but I will add, the Sim injector running 1.1.8 seems to be buggy and hang on simple changes a lot. rolling back to 1.0.29 seemed to help with the generallly hangs but not with the connection to the HD1 Dome

All good Robert,
Thank you very much.

Could you check my next support ticket? I am in a bit of a pickle as the Balance 310X is new and people are waiting for it to work haha.

The ticket is: 20050194

Thank you again,

Jonathan Colburn