Pepwave BR1 Mini - LTE live-streaming problem

Using a PEPWAVE MAX BR1 Mini - LTE for live-streaming, but can only hold a signal for a few minutes. If I use my iPhone as a hotspot, there is no problem streaming.

I thought that Wowza, my CDN, might be be the problem. But I recreated the same stream through YouTube Live (skipping Wowza) and the drop in signal still happened.

My research led to a post in the peplink community from Sep 2016 from someone who could not connect to facebook live using the RTMP protocol
[Unable to connect facebook live using the RTMP protocol.

His Outbound Policies, Firewall rules, Content Blocking settings are the same as mine. The solution for him was disabling MediaFast caching, but MediaFast doesn’t appear in my PEPWAVE BR1 Mini dashboard.

Any input would be much appreciated.

Thank you.