Unable to connect facebook live using the RTMP protocol

We are using MAX HD4 for live streaming to Facebook. After everything is configured in the application, it shows the error immediately when we press the button for streaming.
There is no problem when we connect the Macbook to another WiFi or even tethering from another IPhone or Android phone.
Our 4G LTE providers locate private IP addresses as the WAN IPs in the HD4. Is there any solution to this problem? Thank you.

Can you share the screenshot of the Outbound Policies, Firewall rules, Content Blocking? Please open ticket for us to take closer look if the requested info are sensitive.

Here you are.

There is nothing for the attachment. Please re-attach or open ticket for us to take closer look.

Thank you.

Try again to upload.

  1. How many WAN links you have? If more than 1, please enforce the traffic for your laptop to a WAN (e.g. WAN1) only. Below is the configuration. If problem persists, please remain this setting and proceed to step 2.

  1. Have you enable MediaFast caching (Advanced > MediaFast > MediaFast and Secure Content Caching)? If so, just disable them. This allowed us to narrow down the problem.

Thank you.

Disabling of MediaFast caching solved the problem. Than you.