Pepwave 802.11 ac?

Hello Peplink/Pepwave people,

Being that the new 802.11ac standard is out, I was just wondering if you were thinking about any new Pepwave 802.11ac products any time soon? I’m particularly interested in 802.11ac AP One. I love Pepwave and will definitely wait for one of your products before bying anything else.

Warm regards!

Hi Soriam,

We’ll definitely have a 802.11ac product once the standard is out. Please stay tuned. :slight_smile:

Any update on this? Can’t find an AC cellular router anywhere. If you don’t make one, do you know of anyone who does? Thanks!

Our 802.11ac products will probably launch in Q1, and I can’t think of anyone else who makes one currently.

The 802.11n products already support 150/300 Mbps data rates, much faster than any cellular carrier can provide. Are you sure you need AC?

I don’t need the higher peak short-range throughput; I need the greater throughput at a longer range. Also, I’m looking to use the higher throughput for local network streaming from the NAS drive I have attached to the router. I’ve tried optimizing my Cradlepoint MBR1400 in every way I can, including the surrounding environment, but I can’t get the speeds I need for HD streaming to rooms that are on the edges of my home. Would you suggest I try attaching an AC access point to the non-AC router for NAS streaming? I think that would be a workaround, but I was just hoping for a cellular router with AC built in so I can use one device. Especially if it has a SIM slot so I can skip the USB or WiFi as WAN connections.

Will your 802.11ac products have a 1Gbps wired interface.

I see that the AP One Mini & AP One products boasts a 150 Mbps (wireless) speed but each only has a 100Mbps wired port. :slight_smile:

Hopefully your 802.11ac products will have a 1Gbps LAN connection?

The 11ac products will definitely have a 1 Gbps Ethernet port.

The AP One and AP One mini have 150 Mbps radios with a 100 Mbps Full Duplex Ethernet port, so technically they could do 200 Mbps bi-directional. But do to the overhead of the 802.11 protocol, real-world throughput is generally about half of the PHY data rate. The best I have seen is about 80 Mbps on a 150 Mbps radio.

Absolutely. We’ll have a GE port on the 11ac product. It will be powered by PoE over the GE port.

Any update on availability?
Will you launch a AP One Mini or AP One or other model replacement 1st?

Any update on the Peplink 802.11ac device(s) availability? It was originally Q1 but it was pushed to Q2. We’re almost at mid-Q2.

We are looking at June/July time frame…

I was afraid of it slipping into Q3. Will the first Peplink 802.11ac device be a stand alone AP?

The first 11ac device will most likely be the AP ONE, a stand alone AP.


Any exact date or news on the release of the AP ONE with 11AC support?

We are excited about the enthusiasm building around the AP One 11ac product. We promise you it will be awesome.

I very much hope I can share the dates with you now but I’d rather ask for your patience and we will work out the details in the next week or two. We will post more information as they become available.

Thank you.

Thanks for the fast response Keith. Hopefully it will be released very soon since I am very eager to get my hands on one of those for my office, hence all WiFi clients are already upgraded to 11AC standard.

Hi Adrian, are you using any Balance router or AP One devices? Do you plan to use Balance’s AP Controller with the 11ac products? How many 11ac units you’re planning to install in your environment? Or can you briefly describe your deployment scenario?


I have 2 Balance routers , the 20 and 305 versions, also planning to get 1 more above the 305 one.
And yes, the plan is to use these balance routers with the 11AC products you might release , I am interested in the AP One 300M and AP One Flex 300M to use with my balance routers but only once they will have the 11AC.

Do we know if the new 802.11ac AP will broadcast dual 5mhz and 2.5mhz like the Balance One?

Yes, the 802.11ac will support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.