Peplink L2TP with IPSEC Hourly Disconnect

Having issues with sub hourly disconnects from Client Access L2TP ipsec vpn.
Seeing this at multiple sites on balance 210s and 380s.

Dhcp is 8 hr lease provided by windows server.

6.2.2 & latest firmware causing same issue.

Any Ideas ?


What is the event log showing? Does it correspond with a WAN connection flapping?

Nope, both wan connections solid. All seems normal as far as connectivity. Speedfusion, pep vpn clients unaffected.

We will need you to grab a diagnostic report from the device after it happens, please open a support ticket here:

We’ve been experiencing the same issues for several months now. Any luck?


This case still under investigate.

We have done a lab test and we got a positive result. L2TP/IPSec connected more than 24 hours. We still need more checking to confirm whether any external factor that causing this problem.

I suggest opening ticket for us to investigate.

Thank you.

Ticket opened last week; Not making satisfactory progress so far. Currently ISP is suspect.

I have experienced the same issue with a 380 and different ISPs @ another site.

Hi Alex,

We are working with engineering team to check on the root caused that will trigger this problem. We need more time on this.

Thank you for your patient.

Was hoping the update to 6.3.2 build 3196 might fix this but it has not. Our Balance 20’s have been behaving this way since we implemented our first one… multiple customers with different ISP’s, always the LT2P VPN tunnel using the built-in Windows 7 VPN client.
I connect from my home to these customers and get the same disconnects, with tunnel uptimes ranging from 45 minutes to close to two hours, but the tunnel almost never stays up for longer than 2 hours.
We have a temperamental customer that’s really unhappy with this. We’d move everyone to PPTP but A. It’s less secure, B. It would involve reconfiguring almost a dozen other clients’ VPN configurations, and C. We shouldn’t have to, it would be nice to just get this problem fixed.

Is this worth opening a ticket for?


Please open a ticket for the team to check. L2TP is a point to point connection, we need to further diagnose client/device end for the disconnection issue.

Thank You

I opened a ticket and support said they were aware of the issue but have idea when it will be fixed. I was unable to find any 3rd party software for Windows that does L2TP / IPSec tunneling to see if it makes a difference.

I’m using a PPTP vpn to a balance 20 and have the exact same issue. I always thought it was possibly something with my connection even though I have no issues with anything else. Apparently not.

We are fixing this issue now. But we need more time since this a major fixed. Please stay tuned with us.

We don’t encounter this problem with PPTP. Please open ticket for us to take closer look.

Please let me know if any beta releases become available that have this fix, if possible. Will be happy to test.

Sure! Thanks for your support!

Hello everyone, we are fully aware of this issue and after a long troubleshooting process, we have finally identified the problem and hopefully have fixed it (at least in our testing lab ), I’d like to invite you to try it out and let us know the result :slight_smile:

Below is the special firmware, version 6.3.2s062, which is based on 6.3.2 GA with the L2TP/IPsec fix applied.

Balance 20, 30: [Download]](
SHA-1: 40ae7fcfd170f4c60f37c1ae4ca696d979d7e860

Balance 210 hw2-3, 310 hw2-3: [Download]](
SHA-1: 489c60dda563d7bea75e7c607bc161faf3226636

Balance 305 hw1, 380 hw3-5, 580 hw1, 710 hw1-2, 1350 hw1: [Download]](
SHA-1: 6be7b0c8d51aa3db0cbbecfe9cd86b507a3a1f58

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The fix is working for us ! Thanks for sharing.

Is there a firmware version for 580 hw3?


The reported issue should not affected to B580 HW3.

Thank You