Peplink L2TP with IPSEC Hourly Disconnect

OK. What I have seen is following problem with L2TP (BLP-580 hw3). Mayby, not the same issue.

If IPsec VPN is in aggressive mode and remote gateway IP address/host name is empty, then I cannot connect to L2TP VPN at all (totally halted). When I add any address to empty space, then L2TP starts to work OK. I was wondering if this has anything to do with this topic?

When IPsec address is empty, then IPsec VPN tunnel is stable (and L2TP is not working). But when address have name or IP number, then connection is constantly disconnecting and reconnection after 2min. Wierd?
When same modem and IPsec VPN tunnel is between a Cisco device, then tunnel is always stable.

  1. May I know the intermittent connection is referring to the point to point IPSec or the L2TP/IPSec?

  2. May I know what firmware version you are using?

I wish to reproduce the problem in my lab.


is there any new firmware to fix this problem for Balance One Core?

The affected models were listed here. We don’t face this problem on Balance One Core.

Please help to open ticket if you have similar issue. We need to take closer look.

Was the fix in this special firmware (6.3.2s062) included in firmware version 7.0.0? I am currently on 6.3.3 with a Balance 30 and experiencing this issue, so I am either going to downgrade to the special firmware or upgrade to 7.0.0 to try to resolve it. Which one would you advise?


The fixed for v6.3.2s062 was included in v7.0.0. v7.0.0 is recomended.