Peplink IPSec VPN Unable to 'Wake' Subnet Segments


Hello Everyone,

I am having an odd issue with an IPSec VPN connection.

We have multiple subnets connected to a remote data center. Portions of this tunnel go to ‘sleep’ after a period of inactivity.

From the Peplink side, we are unable to ‘wake’ these segments back up (through ping or anything else).
If We get into the Remote Data Center via other means, and then try to ping from that side to one of the sleeping subnet segments, it will wake up the sleeping subnet up.

Any ideas on how we can get this fixed?

From what I can tell, when we try to ping to a device in the remote data center (from a subnet that is ‘sleeping’ on the VPN), the traffic is instead trying to go out the interface to the ‘internet’ instead of being captured by the Peplink as something that should be trying to go through the VPN Tunnel.

Example: and would be example subnets on the Peplink side. would be a subnet on the data center side.
[G] = Green/Awake
[S] = Red/Sleep

[G] <->
[S] <->

If I ping from the subnet to the subnet (Data Center), the segment will stay asleep.
If I ping from the subnet (Data Center), to the subnet, the segment will wake up almost instantly.


It seems like the IPSec VPN was configured to be initiated from data center only. Please open ticket and attention to me.

Please share the WAN and IPSec VPN settings of the VPN router at data center and enable Remote Assistance for Peplink router.


Hello TK_Liew,

I have created a ticket, as requested. And I have enabled Remote Assistance on our Peplink Device

Ticket #781566