Peplink BPL-210 with solid red status light

I have a Peplink BPL-210 with a solid red status light (not blinking), and the LED beside it is not even lit. The status goes to a constant red when first plugged in and never changes. It appears to be stuck in bootup. I’m guessing someone tried installing firmware 6.1 on it and it failed, like the individual who posted in this forum about the same problem with his Balance 20.

What can I do? Reset button doesn’t do anything. I can’t get to the web interface, and anything plugged into the LAN ports does not get an IP from DHCP. Any recommendations? I have 3 Peplink Balance 20’s and a BPL-310 that all work flawlessly, but I can’t do anything with this BPL-210.


Based on the described symptom, your device has malfunctioned. I noticed you have opened a support ticket about this. I will follow up with you on the next course of action from the ticket.

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Hello, I have a pepwave Br1 mini and am having the same issue. Just a steady red light when power is plugged in, the reset button does nothing. The system was not in use for about 5 months before this problem occurred, it was working fine before that. Can you please advise on next steps. Thank you.

Hi Jeff. At this point I’d say what you are seeing is indicative, but not conclusive, of a hardware failure. The fact that it was working before being shelved should give us a bit of hope. Try this: While powered up, hold down the recessed reset switch for a s-l-o-w 10 count. Does that help?

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I tried that already Rick, I held it for a slow 20 as well, nothing happened.

Hi Rick,

If indeed the unit is dead, maybe you can help me with one other question. This unit I have is a MAX BR1 LTEA-W-T, which I bought when my boat was in the U.S. along with the hotspot and antenna system that goes up the mast, it works really well. Also attached to it is a Wave WiFi extender.

I am in Sardinia now, and when I look in Amazon allI see is a MAX BR1 LTE-E-T on there for sale which I can get in a reasonably short amount of time. Is this a comparable unit? If there are other options where to buy out here maybe you can point me to them. Just want to get it up and working again before I head out for the season (in another week or two). Maybe this is the shortest path. If I have to replace it, upgrading to something else could also be an option as long as it is compatible. Not sure if 5G is a factor now with these when using them from boats, but whatever gets me faster speed is welcome. It would need to fit all the same connectors though and do the same thing. Also it is essential that I have a 5Ghz wifi connection, which I think these units and wifi extender all have.

Please let me know what you think.


Odyssey proposal 3795.pdf (40.6 KB)

OK, Jeff. I’ll give you two “long shot” suggestions.
(1) If you’ve powered the router via the coaxial connector using the “wall wart” or other supply try powering it from the header. If you have powered it via the header try the coaxial DC connector.
(2) Try the “20-20-20” approach: (a) When the unit is powered up, hold down its reset button for 20+ seconds, (b) While still holding down the reset switch, unplug the router from power and hold for an additional 20+ sec; and (c) while still depressing the reset switch turn on power to the router again and hold for 20+ more seconds.

And, if that fails and if you have the optional ethernet WAN/wi-fi-as-WAN license applied and the router has either an ethernet or WAN wi-fi connection you can ask for help by submitting a ticket – here →

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Jeff: Here/s the “Mini” data sheet → As you can see, the wi-fi capability is 2.4GHz only. It may be time to visit your local Peplink Partner for a new device. At this point I’ll step aside – there are a number of very highly qualified Partners in Europe who may be able to assist you.

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