Peplink BPL-210 with solid red status light

I have a Peplink BPL-210 with a solid red status light (not blinking), and the LED beside it is not even lit. The status goes to a constant red when first plugged in and never changes. It appears to be stuck in bootup. I’m guessing someone tried installing firmware 6.1 on it and it failed, like the individual who posted in this forum about the same problem with his Balance 20.

What can I do? Reset button doesn’t do anything. I can’t get to the web interface, and anything plugged into the LAN ports does not get an IP from DHCP. Any recommendations? I have 3 Peplink Balance 20’s and a BPL-310 that all work flawlessly, but I can’t do anything with this BPL-210.


Based on the described symptom, your device has malfunctioned. I noticed you have opened a support ticket about this. I will follow up with you on the next course of action from the ticket.