Peplink Balance310 - Corrupt SD

Hi All,

I have a Balance 310 and the SD Card inside the unit has died.
I have plenty of 4GB cards to replace it with, can i get the firmware to put on the drive to get it to boot?

currently it just flashes red status light upon boot.

We don’t do the hardware customization. Please submit ticket and request for RMA if this unit still under warranty.


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Yep, i did raise a ticket.
Is there no way to get an image of the SD Card?

Thanks for opening the ticket. Yes, RMA is the only way.

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I know this is 2y old but I’m having the same problems as you Matt - have you resolved this issue?

In case others have this problem. I have solved it by cloning the SD card to a new one. Read more here.

yes. it’s a common problem. got the same one on the same Balance 310 hw 3.
very sad about helpdesk feedback basically “yes it’s a hardware issue, so be it”.
instead should be proposing to sell an SD card replacement, with the firmware on it.

anyway, the problem could be solved if the router is booting yet - means the active boot partition is alive.
the rest could be restored (the content of non-boot partitions I mean, will be restored by the router itself).

myself recovered the content of the SDcard by using relatively old laptop with a very good MMC card reader (not the cheap USB bridged crap ones integrated in some new laptops but the real MMC).
managed to duplicate card using linux dd tool (no chances with windows as the card reading fails on physical level).

  1. boot live Ubuntu USB
  2. open gparted and fig-out what device is your source (/dev/mmcblk0 was in my case) and the destination (/dev/sdb or something else new SD card over USB was mounted, I used USB sdcard reader for the destination drive)
  3. run terminal
  4. run following command:
    dd if=/dev/mmcblk0 of=/dev/sdb bs=1M conv=sync,noerror
  5. from another terminal you may run “progress indicator”
    watch -n5 ‘sudo kill -USR1 $(pgrep ^dd)’
  6. wait for the the end of card content being copied
  7. comeback to the gparted with the destination SD card
    will find 2 primary encrypted partitions, then 1 extended (empty in my case)
  8. rebuild the content of the extended partition with the following logic partitions:
  9. 500M ext3, 2. 500M ext3, 3. 250M Swap, 4. leftover as another ext3
  10. the new SD card is ready for the router to boot-up (if you got lucky)