Peplink Balance One Core rebooting by itself

Over the last week, I’ve noted my office router was rebooted twice. Both times have occurred early in the morning when no one is in the office, and one was over the weekend, so I’m decently certain these are not being performed manually.

I’m seeing no notifications as to why the router is rebooting in the event logs, and no major spikes in data consumption in the usage reports. We have not set an automated reboot cycle of any kind, and prior to this occurring last week, our router had been on for over a month with no issue.

I’ve done a little preliminary digging, but most of the other reboot based issues I’m seeing are regarding constant/persistent reboots, not intermittent like I’m seeing here. Does anyone have any thoughts on where to start looking, or if there are any known issues that may explain the behavior I’m encountering?

I’m curious: Is the router on a UPS?

Hi Rick,

No, the router is not connected to a UPS. We have no signs of power outages over the last week however.

OK. Good. Well, so much for “easy first guesses.” :thinking: :wink:

May I know the Balance One Core is running the latest firmware version? If not, please upgarde it to confirm the problem persists.

We fixed the stability issue in 8.1.0, please refer to the release note -, reference 22158.

I’ve had this issue on a Balance One since 8.1, tried swapping Power Supply no no change

I have tried turning off internal WiFi and so far so good - will report back if that doesn’t do it

(I think your Core has no WiFi - but it’s the only change I made other than firmware upgrade)


Our router is currently on version 8.1.0, and has been since before we noted this issue occurring.

Hello Coops,

Unfortunately I believe you are correct, I do not think our Core has built in WiFi capabilities, as we route to external APs.

@Nick1, please open ticket for us to investigate. We may need to monitor what is happening there.

Please help to download Diagnostic Report too.


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