Peplink Balance one / cord test speed not full 500M

i test speed 2 wan not Full 500 M
wan 1 300/50
wan 2 200/50
i think if loadbalance heavy CPU Load 99-100% not work for balance one
but i test 380,580 Pass how to test results seem 380,580

Test speed link 1

pls see CPU Load

Test speed Link 2

pls see CPU Load

after test 2 Link
load 99% i test 10 speedtest Total results under 300M for download.

pls see CPU Load

Balance one / Cord Total results on Speedtest not Full Speed.

Balance 380/580 Total results on Speedtest Full Speed. Pass…

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Wow what a speed! Can’t think of where this would be available in the US…

Similar experience here:

I just upgraded to dual 300x20 WAN lines, and I’m seeing about 540mbps on my Peplink Balance One running 7.0.0. Since the lines actually are provisioned at roughly 320 each, I would expect to see the full 600.

Perhaps the 600mbps throughput is not quite as high as claimed?

You are probably hitting limits on some device in your connection path to the speedtest. Unless the speed test appliance is in the data center hosted by your ISP, it most likely has to traverse more networks. There could be a gigabit uplink in your path and there may be some provisioning to keep it from getting clogged.

Do a trace route to the server hosting your speedtest. How many hops? Each one may be putting overhead or some kind of management.

What are you downloading that 540 isn’t enough? Some server disks might not be able to go that fast. I would say it is pretty darn close. You might also be maxing out your upload bandwidth since I am sure that 540 down might reach the 40 out capacity that you have. Every inbound packet will generate an outbound ack packet for tcp sockets.

I would say that you are getting pretty damn good service. I would caution about getting multiple links from the same ISP - your links share points of failure as well as capacity issues with the devices you are connected to. Most ISPs follow an over subscription model thinking that everyone won’t be running at full capacity all of the time.

I would say it is “good enough”. There won’t be many services that would require a tenth of that bandwith.

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Thanks @jmjones, great points!

Using speedtest sites to determine router throughput is not reliable because of several factors. We use professional-grade equipment and applications in a lab setting with no other applications running, no QoS settings, no firewall rules, etc.

If you really want to test the true capacity you should use iperf or nuttcp between two PC’s or servers, one connected to the WAN and the other connected to the LAN. No internet connection is needed for this testing.

In the case of the Balance One we were originally able to hit 900Mbps + but we later discovered a weird oddity within the Apple/MAC iOS network stack that limited this. Hence we revised the throughput rating.

The point is is that there are several things that can affect router throughput but we do have to give it a rating.



I agree that running speed tests against third party servers is unreliable. However, I am testing using a TimeWarner speed test, and when testing a single line I get exactly the provisioned speed (320x24). I am testing this on macOS 10.12.

Te thing that worries me is (like the original poster) that the PepLink’s CPU is pegging at 99% to 100%.

Most of the features on my Balance One are disabled, but I’m wondering is there any particular setting on the Peplink which is known to be a CPU hog and could be causing trouble?

Update: I just ran some tests using and had a max speed of 730mbps which is just about the maximum possible, so it seems like the CPU load on the Balance One is probably not the limiting factor in my case.

I would begin to wonder if the Peplink realizes it is under heavy load and prioritizes traffic delivery over UI control calls. That would mean that a status bar is likely to reach 99% and then the router quits responding to the update call from the web UI. This type of prioritization would lead to a CPU usage of 99% until the load decreased to less than 90 or so. I have never seen it update from 99 to 98, have you? Mine always goes from 99 back down to like 60ish. Mine only does this during config applications.

Point 600M not full speed if test 2 link in balance one/one cord but 380/580 pass and CPU not full
i promote Router load balance high performance support to customer but customer test not pass for 2 link.
1 link i no sure speed full? in Thailand internet very cheap.

i test default configuration all. config PPPOE only.

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900Mbps + test 1 link or 2 Link?
if 1 link i think can.

I have feedback here. We need to follow up with you in ticket since we can do more checking there.


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Okay we look forward to hearing from you on ticket

So i am the ne who use mac and i have the same problem. And you reply that apple mac has limited downloads speed . How can fix this issue. Thank you

The Balance One/Core is rated for up to 600Mbps router throughput. There are several factors that can affect this including number of firewall rules, outbound rules, users, QoS settings, etc.



if speedtest by wan1 and wan2 is PPPoE not full speed but wan1 is pppoe and wan2 is static ip is speedtest is full speed.