Peplink Balance 380 not responding


My ID [Ticket #756437] in 15/10/2015 - no return.

I have a Peplink Balance 380 is not responding anymore!?
The LCD screen just displays ######### and pressing any of the buttons does not help, also the network outlets are only flashing orange.

Any suggestions? I have allready disconnected it from power, switched on-off without success.

Please can return’m grateful.
Thank you.

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I have responded you 2 times on Oct 16 2015 18:55:06 and Oct 19 2015 14:48:34. Look like you didn’t receive my responses. I confirmed the e-mail you used in ticket and forum are same.

This unit was faulty and out of warranty. Out of Warranty Repair is the option. This will incur some charges. I will PM you the cost and let me know your decision (preferred via ticket). Please provide another e-mail address. I will add into your ticket.

Thank you.

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I didn’t any feedback from you. Any update on this?

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Hello, I have similar issues with my Balance 380, I tried to Putty into the unit with a console cord

without success.

The unit was never used and sat for 3 years. The internal battery was dead and replaced. an you please advise on the cost for an out of warranty repair?

Thank you

@chrisnia, please refer to our latest hardware warranty renewal policy - Please contact your point of purchase to do a trade-in replacement if the warranty was expired over 2 years.

Hello, I bought it used from a third party - I was not the original buyer

@chrisnia- if you did not purchase our products from an authorized reseller, we cannot guarantee the quality of the device. You should return the products to the seller and ask for a refund.

You can purchase official Peplink products globally from our authorized partners listed here: