Peplink Balance 380 firmware upgrade problem

Hi all. I’ve encountered an issue during upgrading of Peplink Balance 380 firmware and hope you can help me.

I have 2 Peplink Balance 380 configured as HA. The current firmware is 6.2.2, and hardware revision is 5. Based on the support website, the highest firmware I can upgrade to now is 6.3.4.

I’ve tried to upgrade following the guide here, but after upgrading the slave to 6.3.4, I can no longer ping the WAN IP or access the web management of this unit. However, InControl shows the device is online.

I can access the web management via InControl, and thus I used it to downgrade back to 6.2.2, and the WAN IP is pingable and accessible again.

Did anyone encounter this issue before and how should I go about fixing this? Thanks.

The newer firmware allows the slave Balance to use its LAN port to access the internet through the master.

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Hi Ron, thanks for your response. Does that mean we can only manage the slave unit via the master in newer firmware? How do I do it? Its in drop-in mode so LAN and WAN1 are sharing the same IP.

Please open up a support ticket here and we shall follow this up via ticket.

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Hi. Just did. Thanks!