Peplink Balance 310X (IP passthrough)

Can someone help me verify if the Peplink Balance 310X supports IP passthrough on WAN and cellular?



Hi Daniel,
I just checked with a Peplink BPL-310X-LTEA-K Firmware 8.1.3 build 5162 and IP passthrough is not possible.
Kind regards

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Dang OK. Well thats a no-go then. Not sure why some of these models don’t support pass through mode?

There is IP forwarding on the 310X WAN side. You would need to go into the WAN connection and click on the little “Question mark” (Red Box) to be able to see the next step to enable IP forwarding (Green Box).


Cable17 - What is IP Forwarding? Is that IP passthrough?
We want it to bridge the public WAN address to the firewall behind it.
Not firewall or anything. Straight bridge. We are just using the pepwave for failover.

Maybe Drop-in Mode would be a better option? There is a video in the post

Does drop in mode automaticaly switch to WAN 2 when WAN 1 goes down? from that guide it looks like you have to pick only one WAN?

@daniel.barnett, you may refer to this knowledgebase - which has a better explanation.

Looks like thats not a true bridge. But needs a public IP for the balance in between. That wont work as we have 1 static on some of our WAN links (not 2 or 3)

@daniel.barnett, please enable Share Drop-In IP if you don’t have sufficient public IP (e.g. the subnet is /30) for the Drop-in WAN. Please refer to this link - Drop in mode with /30 IP Address. For the non Drop-in WANs, they have no problem supporting/30 subnet too.

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