Drop in mode with /30 IP Address


I would like to deploy balance in drop in mode, but i only have /30 IP address
ONE IP address already used fro modem, i left 1 ip address only.

Please advise

How do you access the Balance/MAX when using drop-in mode and only 1 Static IP?

This is possible by using the Shared IP option which can be configured by clicking on the tool tip in the Drop In mode settings (the blue question mark)



I am using peplink 305, i didnt found “Share Drop-in IP”


If you click the question mark in the top right of that screen then you can select the additional mode and it will appear as shown by Tim.


Also, make sure you are on current firmware as the older firmware did not support this feature.


After i right click, i still unable to see the screen shown by TIM.


Can you please share me which firmware is supported?



Please upgrade to this firmware.

Please take note unlock key is needed if you upgrade from v5.x to v6.x. Please obtain the unlock key here.


Dear Support,

May i knw the shared IP Address, is it the IP share as my firewall, if Peplink LAN interface connect to my Firewall


As refer the diagram above, is it able to enable drop-in mode in 2 WAN interface.
My Router required 2 different IP Address which is main and sub ip address.

If cannot, do you have any setting required to enable, my router can configure 2 WAN IP


Drop in mode only works with a single WAN connection: