Peplink and Starlink


Sorry, maybe a dump question:

In reference to Starlink / App (Dish Management) Access / Peplink

The Starlink Disk works great via my Peplink 30 LTEA, and I try to setup this like suggested. But the Starlink WiFi Station has no Power Supply and obviously the one delivered with the Dish is required to power the Dish. That means, I need a POE Injection for the Starlink WiFi Station. Any idea, what I would need? The Starlink WiFi Station say 56V, but I think POE Injections are only going to 48V.

What others use, that did this setup?


Do you have the Balance 30 LTE or the Balance 30 Pro? If it’s the Pro it already has Wi-Fi and you don’t even need the Starlink provided router and can just set it aside.

I’m unsure about your exact Peplink equipment, but your best bet is to simply plug the Starlink internet “output” cable (the one that goes from the Starlink POE device to the Starlink router) into your Peplink router, and not use the Starlink router/wifi device at all. You’ll need a Peplink router that supplies wifi, or better yet multiple Peplink Access Points, but that would create a more robust solution than attempting to use the Starlink router/wifi device at all. Mine just sits in the parts drawer, and all is well with my system.

The Starlink router is designed for people who buy consumer-grade routers. That’s a different user than the typical Peplink customer, who is buying “prosumer” or enterprise-grade gear.